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            VIRL TRIAL


            Cloudmylab Offers Hosted VIRL Trial. We have two dedicated PODS, which can be scheduled for up to 8 hours of trial.

            WHAT DO I GET IN THE TRIAL ?

            You will get a hosted instance of VIRL-SMALL Pre-licensed which essentially can run a 8-10 IOS router topology or couple of ASA’s. Check out our pre built topologies when you start your session.

            VIRL-SMALL Pre-licensed has 8 CPU’s and 16GB memory.? You also get a windows machine to manage your VIRL instance and run everything efficiently.

            HOW LONG IS THE TRIAL ?

            Maximum trial session is for 8 hours. Once you signup on our website, you will be allocated 10 tokens that can be used towards VIRL TRIAL.

            HOW DO I START THE TRIAL ?

            Once you Signup, click here to choose the available timing on the schedule per your convenience.

            Here is how to Schedule Video you can skip the part of buying tokens since you already have enough to start the trial.

            After you have successfully scheduled your session, you will get an email from our Support group which will contain all the information on how to access your lab.

            WHAT DO I DO AFTER I AM IN ?

            Follow this PDF or Video

            Updated: 13 May 2018 10:38 AM
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