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            How to Install Palo Alto on EVE-NG

            Once you connected to WinSCP. The column on the left represent file on local machine and the column on the right represent files and folder on remote machine.

            Step 1: Log in with the given credentials.

            Step 2: Go to the path opt->unetlab->addons->qemu on the remote machine

            Step 3: Navigate to the folder from local to remote machine and upload.

            Step 4: Once the process completed the file will be available immediately.

            Step 5: Open the EVE-NG in the browser then ‘add an object’ and select the Node.

            Step 6: Add PA-VM Node and Start the nodes.

            Step 7:  Start PA-VM node.

            Default username is admin and password is admin.

            Step 8: Assign IP to the PA-VM node.

            #set deviceconfigure system type static
            #set deviceconfigure system ip-address netmask default-gateway

            Step 9: Verify its IP address by command:
            >show system info

            Step 10: Login to Win with username: user and password: Test123 and assign IP address to Windows.

            Step 11: Now we can manage the PA-VM node via GUI default username is admin and password is admin

            Updated: 07 Dec 2018 01:04 AM
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