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            How to add Appliance and Image on GNS3

            Step 1: Click on “browse all devices” then select “new appliance template button”.
            Step 2: Select “import an appliance template file”.

            Step 3: Select the appliance file. Then click next.
            Step 4: Select over the existing file and then click on the download option.
            Step 5: Once you click the download option it redirects you over this web page. Then download the image.

            Step 6:  Create the version of the downloaded file then click over the import option.

            Step 7: Select the downloaded image file from the folder.

            Step 8: Once the file is imported successfully select next.

            Step 9: Finally, you can see the image in the installed appliance tab.

            Updated: 26 Apr 2019 03:13 PM
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