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            CCIE SP V4/V4.1 LAB Access Guide

            Getting Access to the POD


            1. There are two methods you can get access to the access detail as mentioned below:
            1. Login with the credentials provided

            1. Once you login you will see a customized Desktop from where you can access all the devices

             How to reset the lab

            Once you get the access to the Guest Desktop Environment.

            1. Open Firefox, you will see the following bookmark
              • EVE Login
            2. Click on the EVE Login bookmark to access the login page
              • Username: admin

              • Password: eve

            3. Once logged in, you will see the file manager. This is the root folder from where you can select your topology to run.

            4. Select the lab, which you want and a preview will open up on the right side of the page. Click on Open button to start the selected lab.

            5. To reset the nodes to the base configuration, hover the mouse on the sidebar and click on More Actions > Wipe all nodes

            6. At the prompt, click Yes.
            7. To start the nodes, hover the mouse on the left sidebar then click on More action > Start all nodes. Wait for all the nodes to turn blue.

            8. Hover the mouse again over the sidebar and click on Pictures which will open up a dialog box. Click on the text inside the dialog box to open the topology.

            9. Click on the devices inside the picture to open their console.

            How to stop the lab

            1. Hover your mouse over the sidebar and click on More actions > Stop all nodes.

            2. Hover your mouse over the sidebar and click on the Close lab.

            Updated: 08 Jul 2018 05:06 PM
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