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            ASAv Licensing

            This is quite commonly asked that if you need licensing for ASAv to run all the features in the lab.
            The Answer is NO, you can successfully run all the supported features on the firewall with two Caveats.

            1. The maximum throughput you will get on the interface us 100Kbps
            2. Annoying warning messages on the console which are quire misleading.
            Warning: ASAv platform license state is Unlicensed.

            Install ASAv platform license for full functionality.

            Ignore the messages and move on with your lab.

            Cloudmylab customers has confirmed and tested the following  scenarios on ASAv
            1.  Encryption
            2. Failover
            3. SSL VPN
            4. Site to Site VPN  (IKEv1 and IKE v2)
            5. ASDM access
            Updated: 25 Nov 2018 04:11 PM
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