Lab As-A- Service ( LAAS)

What is Lab As-A- Service?

 Lab As-A- Service?

CloudMyLab offers its customer-managed lab services. We enable you to host any device, virtual or physical under the sun, right here with us.

Lab As A Service brings simplicity and agility to Managed Lab Services. It takes out all the anxiety of buying the hardware, planning the power, cooling, rack stack, and maintaining secure access.

Cloudmylab takes care of all that so you can focus on your business.

Features and Benefits:

Managed and Maintained Hardware /Software /License
Build/Change Any Topology Anytime
Technology Agnostic
Vendor Agnostic
Secured Access using Cisco AnyConnect with DUO MFA
Premium Support 24/7/365
4 Hours Support SLA
Phone/EMAIL/CHAT Support
Dedicated Account Manager and Technical Support
Secured Setup and Dedicated Racks
DRAAS and Backups
Guaranteed Bandwidth and SLAs
No Long Term Contracts
Economy of Scales
Any Technology, Any vendor, Any Platform
No special hardware or software needed to operate
100% Redundancy

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Support Information: Please contact 

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