How to Change Credit Card Details

How to Change Credit Card Details


This document explains the procedure on How to Change Credit card details. 


This document is intended for use by the users.


The scope of this document is to ensure that our Users are aware of the steps involved in changing their credit card details.

Step1:  Go to and login to the website, use the credentials opted for while registering to the website


Step 2: Click on the Menus Bar in the top right corner, it will show you options for the Account button as highlighted below.

Step 3: Click on the subscription tab, as shown in the below screenshot. Once you click on the subscription tab, you will view the On Hold/ Cancelled subscriptions on the right side of the screen. Click on the view tab and then click on Resubscribe.

Step 4: Once you click on the resubscribe button, you will be re-directed to the payment page. On the payment page, kindly select " Use a new payment method" to change the card details as highlighted in the below screenshot.

As shown above, enter the new card details. 

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