How to boot Nexus for the first time?

How to boot Nexus for the first time?

1. Start node and on prompt answer:
  1. Abort Auto Provisioning and continue with normal setup ?(yes/no)[n]: yes
    Do you want to enforce secure password standard (yes/no) no

    Enter passwords for admin:

  2. Would you like to enter the basic configuration dialog (yes/no): no
2. Login in your switch for the first time:
  1. User Access Verification
     login: admin
    Password: admin
3. Run dir flash: to get proper image name to set boot for nxos from it
  1. switch# dir bootflash:
           4096    Apr 18 00:53:27 2017  .rpmstore/
           4096    Apr 18 00:53:47 2017  .swtam/
          14160    Apr 18 00:58:45 2017  20170418_005603_poap_26331_init.log
      757307904    Feb 16 17:17:14 2017  nxos.7.0.3.I7.4.bin
              0    Apr 18 01:00:14 2017  platform-sdk.cmd
           4096    Apr 18 00:55:47 2017  scripts/
           4096    Apr 18 00:55:57 2017  virt_strg_pool_bf_vdc_1/
           4096    Apr 18 00:54:00 2017  virtual-instance/
             59    Apr 18 00:53:52 2017  virtual-instance.conf
4. Enter into global configuration mode:
  1. switch# conf t
    Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
    switch(config)# boot nxos bootflash:nxos.7.0.3.I7.4.bin
    copy run start
Now your NX9K will start normally after reboot.

Note: Steps 1-3 needs to be done each time on every added NX9K node added for the first time in the topology.

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