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VIRL BYOL Lab Access Guide



Getting Access to the Pod
  1. There are two methods you can get access to the access detail as mentioned below.
    • Check for the Url and Port Number in the email from
    • You can alternatively log in to your account and under my account Rack access, you will see the details
  2. Login with the credentials provided
  3. Once you login you will see a customized Desktop from where you can access all the devices.


How to start the VIRL Server

Once you get the access to the Guest Desktop Environment.

  1. Open Chrome, you will see the following bookmark 
    • VIRL Login
  2. You will see the following window.

    • VIRL server address: Provided in access mail

    • Username: Provided in access mail

    • Password: Provided in access mail


How to update Salt Configuration

  1. Once you purchase VIRL, you will get Salt Configuration details
  2. Now go to VIRL Server => Salt Configuration and Status => Reset Keys and ID
  3. Enter your Salt Configuration details as follows

  4. Click on Reset


How to start simulation using VMMaestro

Introduction to VMMaestro       

Create new topology

Create simple network

Building configurations

Working with simulations


Working with node configurations 

How to start simulation using VIRL web interface

Detailed Walkthrough


Browser-based topology editor